First workcamp info

Who are we?
We are a small group of young people, that have met during an international training course in romania. Very soon we realized, that we have identified some major common problems:
# There is to much environmental pollution
# Too much food and other valuable ressources get wasted
# Many people have great ideas about it, but just don’t try to realize them.

What do we want to do?
Therefore we want to create a two week long, international exchange, in form of a workcamp, where youthworkers of three different countries should come together, to collaborate and find solutions for the above mentioned problems.

We want to encourage young people, to shape their own environment and get them in a position where they have the courage and the motivation to realize their own project ideas.
To make a long story short: We want people to take responsibility for their own future.

We are inviting some experts and experienced individuals to our camp, to show us, how to save tons of water in our daily life (eg. Rain Barrels) or how to build sustainable structures in rural areas (for example: Build your own Ecohouse out of nature materials).

In the second phase we want to discuss and see, how we could implement concepts like those in our home contexts and create strategies for a sustainable living, that are suitable for other interested groups.

When & where?
From the 1st to the 17th of August 2014, on an old barnyard in the east of germany.

Write us an email: (we understand english, german, romanian and spanish)